May 4, 2020

Customizing A Safe Workspace

As the country begins to open back up, businesses including restaurants, bars, convenience stores and office buildings, are looking for ways to ensure their workplace is safe for both staff and customers. At this time, the CDC is recommending employers provide physical barriers that can be built around workstations to limit the unnecessary potential exposure to coronavirus. However, in some instances, ordering just a standard virus-barrier online won’t work. Employers are receiving these cough shields and realizing that they do not effectively protect their workstation, leaving both staff and customers unprotected and at an elevated risk for exposure.

SeparationScreen is now offering customers the opportunity to customize their physical barrier to ensure it fits at any uniquely-sized workstation including bars or tabletops! Follow the steps below outlined by our manufacturing team to ensure the perfect SeparationScreen is built  for you and your employees:

  1. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, what type of physical barriers would make you feel safe? If certain precautions were taken would you be more inclined to come back?
  2. Survey your workplace, where do customers most commonly interact with your employees? Where do your employees congregate during the day? Which of your employees will be back at work first?
  3. Begin taking your workspace measurements! You should start with taking the length and width of your workspace, making sure that your new SeparationScreen will cover the entire workspace. However, make sure to leave 2-3 extra inches on each side so you can easily drop the SeparationScreen into the space.
  4. Decide on how large of a passthrough area you would like to have. This area is designated for the passage of papers, payment methods or even products. If your employees will only be passing papers back and forth you may only need a small passthrough area. If your employees will be receiving payments and passing products underneath the screen you may need a bigger area.
  5. Decide on how many screens you need to purchase. Keep in mind that these screens should not just be used for employees interacting with customers.The CDC recommends that all employees should have some kind of physical barrier protecting them if at all possible. 
  6. Complete the customization form and provide us with your contact information! Our team of experts will review your information and create a quote. From there you can place your order and we will begin building your custom SeparationScreen!

Click here to start customizing your very own SeparationScreen!

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