May 19, 2020

How to Implement Temperature Screening in Your Workplace

As more businesses open back up, screening employees for potential COVID-19 symptoms is extremely important to ensure a healthy workplace. Though not required, the CDC recommends temperature screening employees before entering work as an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace. 

The best and most protective methods to screen employees combines social distancing and installing or using a physical barrier. Employers can use the following CDC recommendations to create a safe environment while implementing temperature screening:

  • Use social distancing to your advantage. 
    • Require your employees to take their own temperature before coming into work. Once an employee arrives to work, maintain your distance (a minimum of 6 feet) and ask your employee to confirm that they do not have a temperature and have not been experiencing shortness of breath or a cough. The CDC defines an elevated temperature as 100.4o F (38.0o C) or higher. Additionally, you should visually inspect your employee to make sure they do not look sick, which could include flushed cheeks or looking tired.
  • Use a physical barrier/partition for added protection. 

When implementing temperature screening in your workplace, the CDC recommends following the protocol listed below: 

  • “Put on disposable gloves.
  • Check the employee’s temperature, reaching around the partition or through the window. Make sure the screener’s face stays behind the barrier at all times during the screening.
  • If performing a temperature check on multiple individuals, make sure that you use a clean pair of gloves for each employee and that the thermometer has been thoroughly cleaned in between each check.” According to the FDA, using a non-contact thermometer can help reduce the spread of infections. 

Temperature screening in your workplace is a simple and effective way to screen employees for COVID-19. When adhering to the CDC guidelines of maintaining social distancing and using a physical barrier, you are minimizing the chance of spreading germs and keeping your workplace healthy! 

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