May 14, 2020

Keeping Your Children Safe From Covid-19

Keeping your children safe is, and always will be your number one priority as a parent. With so many unknowns during the Covid-19 Pandemic parents are concerned with what they should be doing to keep their children safe. For many parents it’s difficult to know where to start. We compiled some of the most important information outlined by the CDC and summarized it below! You can also read the full article from the CDC here.

Teach Proper Handwashing Techniques: Educate your children on how long they should be washing their hands. The CDC recommends that both adults and children need to scrub their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, you can even teach your kids to hum happy birthday one time through before rinsing the soap off their hands! Click here to read our blog on proper handwashing techniques. 

Practice Social Distancing: The key to slowing the spread of Covid-19 is to limit contact as much as possible. While school is out, children should not have any play-dates with children from other households. If your kids are really missing their friends set up a free video chat! You can use programs like Zoom, FaceTime or Google Hangouts to set up group video calls.

Utilizing Face Coverings In Public: If your child does need to enter a community setting they should be covering their face! The CDC recommends that any child over the age of 2 should wear a cloth face covering or mask that covers both their mouth and nose. If your child is hesitant to wear a mask you can make a fun project out of creating their own face covering! For more information on creating your own face covering you can click here!

Keep Your Children Active: Use both indoor and outdoor activities to help keep your children active and entertained! It’s okay to take your children outside, it’s great for both their physical and mental health. The CDC recommends daily walks or bike rides!

Keep Your Children Learning: Stay in touch with your school, most schools are offering online learning opportunities. If your child is facing technology issues or having trouble submitting their assignments, let your school know! 

Parents and caretakers play a huge role in teaching their children the correct precautions to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. There continues to be a lot of conflicting information about how Covid-19 impacts children, and as a parent it’s important to follow all guidelines from the CDC until we know more!