Our Story

How It Started

In 2019, DiaMedical USA purchased SimScreen®, a portable 2 way mirror created to enhance the education of healthcare professionals by removing the teacher from the student. We brought the manufacturing of SimScreen® into a local warehouse in Commerce, Michigan. Like all Americans, we were deeply changed and challenged during the coronavirus pandemic.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to infect and spread across our country, we realized that our nation’s employees, and customers will need to feel safe if we are ever going to get back to “normal”.  SimScreen® was the perfect company to help get us there. Armed with the groundwork of SimScreen®, we worked tirelessly to figure out a way we could adjust our current process to make sneeze guards and cough barriers accessible to all businesses. We focused on developing an innovative solution that would allow customers and employees to feel safe as the shelter in place ordinances end.  


SeparationScreen: the Cough Screen and Sneeze Guard Virus-Barrier, was specifically designed to help combat the spread of coronavirus by protecting employees and customers when they must interact and come in contact with each other during the normal course of life. 


Our company mission is simple to Improve the Quality of Healthcare. SeparationScreen is a continuation of our promise to you.

Who Is DiaMedical USA

DiaMedical USA is a multi-vendor distributor and manufacturer of healthcare equipment and supplies. Founded by Jeff Ambrose in 2009, DiaMedical USA is a leader in healthcare simulation and is grounded in our core values of hard work, communication, and teamwork. We Can Do That! Is more than just the company motto, we pride ourselves in being able to accomplish whatever the customer needs. We believe that by working hard, working together and thinking out of the box, anything is possible.


SeparationScreen is an extension of our promise to you, to put our hard work and teamwork to the test in the face of uncertainty. 


DiaMedical USA has been proud to source over 1 million masks for hospitals, fire stations, first responders and end users during the coronavirus pandemic. We have also assisted FEMA and State Governments with hospital beds, face shields, masks and other PPE products. We have been proud to work countless hours, streamline processes and give up weekends to get these products in and out as fast as possible.

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