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The Mobile SeparationScreen was designed for ultimate flexibility. This full length, safety wall creates separation anywhere by combining units. 

– 0.25” Thick Clear Acrylic Partition for Safety
– Sneeze & Cough Guard Safety Screen
– Dimensions:  72”H x 36”W
– Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame
– Shelf Add-On Option
– Ideal for Creating a Safety Screen Wall Anywhere
–Four (4) Casters for Simple Mobility with (2) Locking Casters
– Window Dimensions: 37″H x 31″W
– Easy To Clean
– Made in the USA
– Standard & Custom Sizes Available


SeparationScreen, a sneeze guard, portable barrier, cough screen protective desk and counter partition, facilitates personal interaction but creates a virus-barrier by separating customer and employee. SeparationScreen is designed to protect employees and customers from airborne, virus-containing droplets caused by speaking, sneezing, laughing or coughing, that could infect those who have face-to-face interactions. 

Perfect to use in any setting, SeparationScreen is designed for use in offices, gyms, grocery stores, nail salons, retail stores, restaurants, banks, pharmacies, small businesses, doctors offices, car dealerships, veterinary hospitals or clinics, leasing offices, dental offices and more! Product is also known as: portable barrier, sneeze guards, cough screens, store partitions, COVID-19 safety screens, coronavirus screens for desk and counter safety partitions and more.

Stay compliant with World Health Organization and CDC guidelines to keep your employees and customers safe from coronavirus and other contagious viruses by providing a protective barrier with SeparationScreen. 

As the shelter in place laws end and the economy begins to open back up, it’s very important to protect employees and customers during the current outbreak of the Coronavirus. SimScreen® has developed a solution that allows customers and employees to feel safe in the workplace. By adding a SeparationScreen to your office you are vastly reducing the chance of spreading the virus from person to person. 

  • Acts as a Cough Screen and Sneeze Guard to Protect Customers and Employees From Viruses
  • The CDC Recommends Installing Physical Barriers When Possible To Limit Potential Exposure By Separating Customer And Employee
  • Solid, Heavy-Duty Transparent Barrier To Limit The Spread Of Germs
  • 0.25” Clear Acrylic Panel Provides Ideal Visibility and Safety
  • Combine Units to Create a Full Length Safety Screen Wall
  • Optional Shelf Add-On
  • Ideal for Creating a Safety Screen Anywhere
  • Four (4) Casters for Simple Mobility with (2) Locking Casters
  • Aluminum Frame Makes It Stable Yet Easy To Move
  • Full Length SeparationScreen Features Wheelbase for Added Mobility
  • Easy To Clean And Sterilize 
  • Dimensions:  72”H x 36”W
  • Window Dimensions: 37″H x 31″W
  • Weight: 78 lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom Sizes Available: Submit Your Unique Dimensions

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