June 4, 2020

Should My Workplace Purchase Face Shields?

Face masks have already become common-practice in almost every aspect of our life. What may have seemed odd to Americans in January is now a widely used protective measure to keep yourself and others safe. However, some doctors are suggesting that as the country begins to open back up, people may want to consider upgrading to face shields to provide an additional level of protection.

Not familiar With Face Shields? 

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals  have been utilizing face shields with standard face masks to help reduce the risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19. Eli Perencevich, MD, from the University of Iowa explains that “face shields appear to have a number of advantages: They’re easy to wear correctly and good at blocking droplets.” Shields have been found to  help successfully block infectious droplets which can reduce the risk of exposure.

Why Buy Face Shields?

A few things make these shields superior, Eli Perencevich further explains that few people wear masks properly. He has also found that individuals are more likely to touch their face, increasing the risk of viral spread. Wearing a shield properly is simple and reinforces the idea to not touch your face or the shield. One of the greatest perks with face shields is that they can be easily sanitized and reused, says Keith Kayne, MD and professor of medicine and director of research for the division of infectious diseases at the University of Michigan Medical School.  He has also found that unlike masks, clear shields also allow for better communication. Keith mentions that “we’re going to see more and more face shield use, particularly as COVID continues to cause problems.”

In addition, doctors remind the general public that face masks are not meant to protect the wearer, vulnerable parts of the face remain exposed like the eyes. By businesses utilizing both face masks and shields, they can provide employees with the tools to protect both themselves and others.

Where Can I Buy Face Shields?

SeparationScreen is proud to offer a variety of infection control supplies including Face Shields, face masks, disinfectant cleaner, non-contact thermometers, sneeze shields and hand sanitizer. We are working diligently to provide our customers with all the supplies to remain safe, and reopen their businesses!

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