June 8, 2020

Testing for Covid-19

As the United States becomes increasingly familiar with Covid-19, Americans across the country are wondering if they have previously been exposed to coronavirus. In the past month healthcare facilities have had to be selective with who qualifies for both viral and antibody testing however, as the curve begins to flatten a majority of testing sites are now open to all patients. This post will briefly cover Covid-19 testing information outlined by the CDC.  For more information on Covid-19 testing click here.

Types of Testing Now Available:

  • Viral Testing: This test is done for individuals that believe they may have Covid-19, and are displaying symptoms. Viral tests check samples from your respiratory system by using a nasal swab of the inside of the nose. Most tests are called point-of-care tests, meaning results may be available at the testing site in less than an hour. 
  • Antibody Testing: This test is used to show if you had a past infection with the virus that causes Covid-19. Depending on when an individual was infected and the timing of the test, the antibody test may not find antibodies for someone who is currently infected. Antibody testing SHOULD NOT be used to diagnose Covid-19.

Decisions on who is eligible for Covid-19 test are made by state and local health departments. Click here to view your state’s health department website.

If Your Viral Test Comes Back Positive:

Stay home except to get medical care. You can click the link here for more information about how to  self-quarantine. It’s important to separate yourself from other people and be sure to wear a mask or cloth face covering if anyone else is in the room.

If Your Antibody Test Comes Back Positive:

A positive test result indicates that you may have the antibodies from an infection with the Covid-19 virus. As of right now the CDC does not know if having antibodies to the virus can protect someone from getting infected again, and how long the protection will last. If you begin to show any Covid-19 symptoms you need to self isolate and look into getting a viral test as well.

Staying Safe After Your Test:

Even if you test positive for the Covid-19 antibodies or your viral test comes back negative, you still need to follow preventive measures outlined by the CDC to protect yourself and others. You can click here to view our complete line of infection control supplies including, SeparationScreen Cough Screens & Sneeze Guards, face masks, hand sanitizer and wex-cide disinfectant cleaning products.